Happily Married for a Lifetime

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hmf1A seminar filled with wise and valuable information on how you can build and sustain a happy marriage.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. The four big mistakes couples make when trying to communicate–and how to correct them so both you and your partner feel wonderfully loved and understood
  2. How to share laughter and delight with your mate
  3. Absolutely-the best thing to do if your spouse is in a bad mood
  4. What to do if you are the only one who wants to work on the relationship-three strategies that get results
  5. The problems that typically crop up during peak
    divorce years-and how to get through them happily
  6. The common-held myth that can torpedo your marriage
  7. Why love goes into hiding-and how to find it when it does
  8. How to keep romance alive-and rekindle it when it wanes
  9. Two ways to dramatically improve your marriage-immediately
  10. What every couple must do to stay “happily married for a lifetime”

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Smart Discipline for Parents

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sdpflyer-1The Smart Discipline for Parents Workshop was created in 1985 by Dr. Larry Koenig, a family therapist from Baton Rouge, LA. It is the most well-attended parenting workshop in America with audiences ranging from 150 to over 1200 parents and grandparents (many who come because they are helping to raise their grandchildren).

The workshop is for parents of children of all ages and is two hours long. At the program, parents are taught the Smart Discipline System(tm) and how to ensure that their children grow up with high self-esteem. Parents can expect to be highly entertained and inspired by the presentation.

The first half of the program focuses on the Smart Discipline System(tm) as authored by Dr. Koenig and covers:

  1. Why having a good discipline plan is important
  2. How to decide what behavior needs to be changed
  3. Why rules are important
  4. How to design rules effectively
  5. How to self-motivate children to follow the rules
  6. Implementing Smart Discipline(tm)

The second part of the presentation focuses on how to build high self-esteem in children and covers:

  1. Why beliefs are so important
  2. The five-step belief process
  3. How to decide which beliefs are important to you
  4. How to instill positive beliefs – a fool-proof three-step process
  5. How to respond to negativity
  6. How to ensure the loving relationships of childhood last into the teen years

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Smart Discipline for the Classroom

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fly_sdc_lkBring the Smart Discipline Workshop to your teachers. In doing so, they will learn a vast array of techniques which foster attitudes conducive to learning.

  1. How to quiet a class without saying a word
  2. Best time to get a defiant student on your side
  3. What never to do with an angry student
  4. How to motivate students to pay attention.
  5. A sure-fire way to get students to stop talking.
  6. A quick fix for constant complainers.
  7. Build self-esteem and correct behavior at the same time.
  8. Dangerous situations. How to keep yourself and the other students safe.

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